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Thread: Sweet Peas

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    I sow mine in loo roll innards
    The sweet peas like a long foot run so these suit them well.
    Also, the whole lot can be planted in the ground and the cardboard will break down.
    It also saves on disturbing the roots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamite View Post
    Well, I just sowed mine yesterday and they are indoors. Never really grown them before properly. Iím thinking I should put them in my greenhouse (unheated). Minus 2 lowest temp in there for the last few weeks.

    Decisions Decisions!! Should I put them out or keep indoors in my kitchen?

    Kind Regards.............Rob
    Well, mine have just germinated but Iím going to keep them indoors for now and then move them to the unheated greenhouse maybe in a few weeks.

    Kind Regards.............Rob

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    I chitted mine first rhe planted them in loo rolls and placed them in the greenhouse, their looking good.
    I kept one pot indoors, they are now almost a foot tall and will be culled soon as i can remember lol, far to leggy.

    all the above were planted about 3/4 weeks ago.

    Point of the post though was ^^^^^ , theyll probably be better off in the greenhouse, their a hardy beast.
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    Mine have been stood outside through all the snow and frost. They are nice sturdy plants and I will plant them in the ground as soon as the soil is a bit warmer.

    Sweet Peas-img_20190206_151228-sweetpeas.jpg
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    They do grow tall indoors,longer lengths of stem between leaves,I had to put a stick in to support the two plants,when they were too tall for the sticks I took them out & the plants trailed over the pot edge,looked quite nice on the garden table,they could grow like that in a hanging basket maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickdub View Post
    I'm hoping to plant mine out late February early March this year.
    Great, just what I was hoping to hear. My October cold greenhouse sowing (in root-trainers) are looking sturdy and well developed with 2-3 stems and about 5" tall. As we are away from end of February for 4 weeks, I was wondering whether to risk planting them out or not...but I definitely shall - and if it doesn't work, well then I have my February sowing to fall back on (hopefully!)

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    Felt like Spring has come to my garden today, so I decided to start on the planting out of my sweetpeas. I got about 10 plants dibbled in before getting distracted by other jobs - only another 100 odd to go :-) I'm hoping to clear the troughs the sweetpeas are in now so I can use them for starting off the dahlia tubers which I saved from the plants I grew from seeds last year.
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    Well Nickdub - you have inspired me.
    Will get my canes up tomorrow and plant mine out too.
    I’ve got about 20 pots with 3 good plants in each - and like SkyeSonia I’ve got later sowings to fall back on if it all goes wrong.
    Do you think I could plant out my autumn sown cornflowers too?

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