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Thread: Mouldy Hyacinth Bulbs

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    Must have missed the plastic bags moment! I think the difference is Jim is aiming to store around 7 degrees. It's been pretty warm for October so far, so warm and wet is ideal for moulds. might be ok when it's cooler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WendyC View Post
    They definitely soaked the compost, just squeezed out the worst.
    so then the compost isn't wet & soggy, it's been squeezed out?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam2702 View Post
    watered if required.
    To me, that says "no water unless required". It doesn't say you should be using wet compost, or am I really really missing something here?
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    From watching the programme they used very wet compost and then just said to check regularly and water if it dried out. Anyway, I've scraped the mould off, they seem ok and I've taken them out of the bag and put them in a drawer in a shed. It's gone colder now so let's see what happens!

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    I've grown Christmas Hyacinth in plastic bowls with drainage using Bulb Fibre which is kept moist For quite a few years. I have put these in a cupboard in my brick outside toilet come store. The last 2 years I lost about 20% of the bulbs with rot. This year with help from my good lady we have washed all our pots with ***** Fluid and have just finished putting the bowls in the cupboard.
    The same building is used every year to store our late potatoes (Desiree) in shallow cardboard boxes making sure they don't touch each other. We used to use sacks but lost a lot with rot. I have wondered if the bulbs have been contaminated so this year I have bought from De Jager rather then from stalls at the Yorkshire flower show.

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