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Thread: pampas grass - how to clear my plot of it?

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    We got one in the front garden (from previous owner & yes I have seen the film) that was killed by the continuous cold last winter,could be a job for the ...... Royal Weeeeeding Day
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    Do not burn it, it's what it wants you to do, they regenerate on the pampas in South America after the prarie fires.

    The only way to get it out is to dig it out, cut it down to about 9 inches high, if it's mature then almost certainly the middle will have died out and may be full of dead material, rake it all out. Then find a spot on the ring of growth that is driest and start digging it out there, best of luck, if the ground is hard you'll need a pick axe or mattock and a strong back.

    And wear long sleeves, the leaves have serrated edges and can cut you. I actually use a petrol driven hedge cutter to take mine down to about 9" every spring and then burn the cuttings but as somebody said, if you burn them, stand back because they burn quickly and can flare up.
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