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    Default When to plant strawberry plants

    I made the mistake earlier in the year of not planting any strawbs and having seen everyone elses now want some for next year. Can anyone give me advice of when to plant, spacings etc.

    Many thanks

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    Any of your neighbours rooting runners? If they're good plants beg some and plant as soon as they're well rooted. Otherwise order from suppliers in Autumn.

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    Our local garden centre still has a couple of plants left in hanging baskets. They are in flower now and have some little fruits forming. Maybe worth a look at your local? (garden centre not pub)
    Happy Gardening,

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    I always plant mine too close together, thinking I'll get more strawbs...which I do, but they succumb to mould, rot and slugs when too closely planted. I'm going to thin them out to 14 inches apart next year. Quality over quantity, mehopes
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