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Thread: Top tips for growing strawberries!

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    Rose C is offline Germinator
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    Jan 2019

    Post Top tips for growing strawberries!

    Hello growers, it's the editorial assistant from Grow Your Own again with another growing question I would love you all to answer. As always, we like to include your comments in our allotment feature of the magazine, so I am interested to know your top tips for growing strawberries. Do you grow your strawberries from seed or from plants/runners?

    I would also like to thank all who contributed in my last thread. I very much enjoyed reading through all of your comments.
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    nickdub is online now Early Fruiter
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    Jul 2017


    My main difficulty with growing strawberries is stopping birds and mice from eating them before me. I've been experimenting with raised troughs and suspended pots in my poly-tunnel - I can't say that I've got a good system yet, but I have made some progress and did get to eat some fruit last year.

    In the past I've always grown from runners, but last year I started some from seed too - I've now got about 12 seed grown plants - so it will be interesting to see how they go this year.

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    Gman is offline Seedling
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    Sep 2018


    Ooh. Iíll follow this with interest. Have strawberry bed planned for this year. Was planning to use runners but will be interested to know the consensus.

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    lottie dolly's Avatar
    lottie dolly is online now Gardening Guru
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    north leicester


    My tip would be to keep control of the runners the plants send out,especially the first year,and keep well watered during the dry growing season
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    SarrissUK's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    I buy potted plants every few years, and in between I take care of the runners. I have tried to grow both normal strawberries and wild strawbs from seed, but they have never germinated.

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    Aberdeenplotter is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jan 2009
    Mid Aberdeenshire


    its essential to remember that strawberries have a limited productive life, most lasting three years at most, so to ensure continuity of production I plant two new rows of 6 plants every year and at the same time the two earliest rows planted are removed.
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    Greenleaves's Avatar
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    Apr 2014


    I propagate the runners from two year old plants. Starting with new plants, I remove the runners in year one to give the plants chance to create a healthy root system. I only select runners from healthy plants to avoid propagating desease.
    The process repeats every 3 years.
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    Aug 2006
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    I am trying to replenish my stock this year by buying bare rooted plants. These are a lot cheaper than pot grown plants and up until now seem to have been a good buy. I have three varieties, earlies , mid and late fruiting. I potted them up as soon as I received them through the post and they very quickly established themselves on the bedroom windowsill.
    They are now hardening off and will be planted out in three separate beds in March/April.
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