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    Default Strawberry no fruit joy

    I bought this strawberry plant from Wilko store as bare roots and 3 of them. I've always imagined strawberry to be quite demanding so decided I could afford to lose £1.50 (for what I paid for the bare roots) if little or no strawberries are produced.

    The bare roots have grown reasonably well and so far only one fruit that looks likely to be a decent strawberry. With so little fruits being produced per plant, I guess one has to grow at least a minimum of 15 plants just to feed a family of 2.5.

    Fearing the birds would eat the fruits, the plants had been inside a plastic greenhouse for over a month but I'm wondering now if the condition wasn't ideal... too humid perhaps with presence of moss on the soil. Okay I have been feeding the plants with usual tomato feed too.
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    I guess one has to grow at least a minimum of 15 plants just to feed a family of 2.5.
    You count your dd or ds as only half a person?
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