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    Default Raspberries - what is wrong with mine?

    Hello All!

    I planted some bare rooted raspberries in my new lovely garden in March. They took ages to show any sign of life, but most of them have now produced foliage.
    However, I am now worried about my Glen Moys (the ones which are most advanced - also have some Tulameen and Autumn Bliss). I recently noticed some rusty spots on some of the leaves and the edges of these leaves have now turned yellow. I was wondering if someone has any idea what this is? I have tried to attach a couple of photos, not sure if it has worked as I am new to this forum as you might have noticed. Oh - and I am new to gardening and growing fruit and veg as well...

    Any advice would be much appreciated!


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    I planted some bare rooted ones last year and they did exactly the same.I just left mine and this year I have loads of fruit forming on my canes!
    Dunno what it is maybe some sort of definctincey,all I know is mine are doing fine.
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    Where do you garden, Ava? and are your raspberries in open ground or in pots? They do take a season or two to establish, and if the weather hasn't been kind (very wet here in East Anglia) the leaves may not look too good at the moment. As long as the plants are growing they should be OK.

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    ava is offline Germinator
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    Apr 2008
    Suffolk, almost Cambridgeshire


    Thanks for the replies!

    Cloud - I like your idea of just leaving them to it to then see that they are just doing fine! Might just try it!

    And rustylady - yes being in East Anglia might be the problem (added my location to my profile now!). The canes are in the open ground and they are finally growing (well, most of the canes anyway...). So I guess I will just keep an eye on them.

    Thanks for the help!

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