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    Default problem with fruit tree buds

    I can't remember what tree it was but one of my newer fruit trees that was planted last year seems to have nothing but dead buds on it now many have orange spots, some are turning black, some look like they've been practically eaten with webs all around them. I cannot figure out what it is. at first I was thinking killing frost because of the premature warm temps during the spring. I'm not sure if my tree is dead or if it will come back next year. forgot to mention some of the leaves are white...

    any suggestions???

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    Can you fill in your location and post a picture?

    I fear that orange spots are telling you that the tree has died from canker or some other wood-rotting disease, and is now producing lots of fungal spores with which to infect nearby trees.

    White leaves sound like powdery mildew.

    "webs" all around them might be "tent caterpillars" (not usually of major consequence), or may be woolly apple aphid (which can cause wounds which later become infected with canker)

    It sounds like you have an apple tree which is a popular variety, hence very prone to disease, which has succumbed to multiple fungal attacks (canker and mildew, or woolly aphid).
    Did you have an apple tree? If you did, which variety was it, and which rootstock?
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