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    Default Part shaded areas

    I have a question about shaded areas.

    When looking at plants to buy the majority say best in full sun, many say that they can manage part shade etc.

    I have seen people posting about areas in eg half shade.

    My question is about this, and I may be overthinking. What does full sun vs. Part shade mean exactly. By way of example, I have a spot in my garden that would fit a nice fruit tree. However, it is a bit north of a larger cedar tree. This means that from around November to April or so, the sun does not hit that patch until around midday, and it is in sun then until the sun goes down. But in summer time, the sun is high enough that it gets sun from around 7am right until sun goes down. Given that I am quite far north this means many hours of sunlight in growing season.

    How do I interpret this area as relates to sun? Do I say it is essentially full sun as it has loads of sun during the growing season? Or do I say half sun as for half of the year, it’s in shade until midday?

    And in this context would I then plant something in there that needed a lot of sun or is this risky and better to plant something that prefers full sun but could manage “partial” shade? Or is there no right answer to this and just need to give it a go?

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    I think "full sun" means during the growing season - not during winter when the plant is dormant. You wouldn't want it in a frost shadow though.
    In my garden, there is no such thing as full sun all year round - too many mature trees casting shadows, especially in summer when they're in leaf. My plants have to settle for that and the fruit trees aren't worried.
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    Best to tell us what you have in mind planting - these things are complicated and there are other factors involved, for example areas near a large tree are often very dry and nutrient poor.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks VC - reassuring.

    Nickdub, thanks. I was planning to plant some kind of gage. Perhaps Oullin’s golden gage, or if I can find one, Guthrie’s late green. However, thought I should check before I planted something, waited several years and didn’t fruit because I had misunderstood guidance on this.

    Tree would have plenty space - could be around 10m away from edge of canopy of cedar, and although largely surrounded by trees would not have any issues with canopy of any other tree “encroaching”.

    If being (almost) full sun during growing season would do, then I think site should hopefully be ok.

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