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Thread: How many soft fruit plants do you have?

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    Default How many soft fruit plants do you have?

    I'm just about to order a variety of soft fruit plants for my new plot and am wondering how many (and what) other people grow? I'm especially interested in raspberries, blueberries, currants and the 'unusuals' like jostaberry etc. We are a family of four and spend a small fortune on soft fruit each week, so I'm happy to 'invest' in a decent number of plants. I am pitching for 14 raspberry plants, 7 blueberries, one of each currant colour and a josta and honey berry to try. Does this sound about right? In due course I might propagate some more off these ones (or if I am under shooting significantly just buy some more upfront). Are things like jostaberry and honeyberry and other 'unusuals' worth it or are these more miss than hit? Would love to hear what you do. Thanks!

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    I'm a back garden grower and only have the usual blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, plus rhubarb and a couple of cordon apple trees. There's only the two of us so with the freezer we have enough fruit for pudding and my breakfast oatmeal just about all year round.

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    I have only planted my soft fruits a year ago, so don’t yet know how much fruit they will produce.
    I went for 8 raspberry canes, 2 blackcurrant, 3 blueberry, 1 gooseberry, 1 redcurrant, 1 white and 1 pinkcurrant.

    We also inherited a cultivated blackberry (or maybe a hybrid berry), which produced over 50lb fruit over last 2 seasons, and I plan to add some autumn raspberries at some point.

    When I was a kid, we had 12 raspberry canes at home for a family of 4 (all summer fruiting), and had enough spare to make jam - or raspberry toffee if we left it cooking too long
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    I grow jostaberries - once you have one established, they're easy to propagate from cuttings - like blackcurrants. But don't expect heavy crops for a year or two from any fruit bush.
    How about gooseberries, loganberries and all the other black/loganberry types.
    ............and strawberries!
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    I have strawberries, blueberries and raspberries oh and gooseberries. not counting the numbers. Probably too many but not enough when they are done.

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    Chorley, Lancashire


    Hi, In terms of soft fruit, I have 3 blackcurrant bushes, 3 gooseberry bushes (one of them red dessert gooseberry).
    I used to have 1 red currant, 1 white current and 1 pink current but didn't eat them or like them so dug them up and gave them away.
    this year I'm planting 1 raspberry and 1 blackberry (these were gifts)
    I never bought any of the above, they're all from cuttings I obtained from other allotment folk.
    I'm propagating jostaberry this year, my neighbour allotment holder has this plant and last year produced masses of the most delightful fruit, wonderful taste in my opinion. Funny thing is, I gave him the cutting that I'd obtained from someone else as i didn't have the space, I'm making space for it now though. But be warned, jostaberry plants grow very big, my neighbours is huge
    I also grow perpetual stawberrys, they're just as nice in my opinion

    Oh, and a Tayberry, forgot about that, fantastic berry, a bit like a loganberry I think
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    I grow lots of Strawberries. Early medium and late and an Everbearer / All season to get the full growing season.
    Strawberry 'Albion'
    Cambridge Favourite
    Still using them in an Apple and Strawberry Crumble

    I also have the small red and white alpine "wild type". Picked one today in the polytunnel. Going to have to put it out for a month or so to recover. Think they need a period of cold each year.

    Have 2 lines of Rasps. Autumn and Sprint (1 each Yellow and Red)

    6 x Cherry, 4 x Plumb, 6 x Apple - Trees too young to judge fruiting

    6 x Blueberry - Need more shelter - wind stripped berries this year.

    1 x mature Discovery Apple Tree.
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    I'd avoid any 'novelty' fruit like honeyberries and fuchsia berries etc, in many cases they're low yield and often not very nice. If you really want to try then shove it in a pot before you commit a space in the ground.

    At first at least I would stick with the staple fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, various currants etc. The hybrid blackberries are also very good - loganberries are nice but I find tayberries absolutely delicious. Not such a fan of boysenberries as I find they have a strong winey kind of taste but it's all personal choice. I'm also not particularly fond of the couple of yellow raspberry varieties I've tried. Many are wary of gooseberries from having tasted them previously but red varieties are much sweeter.

    Don't forget the spacings, blueberry bushes for instance should be 1.5m apart and it doesn't help them or give you more fruit to try and cram more in (although we all do ).

    If you've got room, you could also add tree fruit such as apples, pears, cherries or plums. Dwarf varieties will fit even a small space or even a pot if that is all you've got (although getting the watering right in a pot isn't easy).
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