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    goodolpete is offline Seedling
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    May 2014
    Milton Keynes

    Default "Helping" natural blackberry bushes

    Our allotment, behind a locked gate, has a great blackberry patch.
    I've been picking hidden areas of it for a couple of years now, with
    no evidence that any other pickers have worked them, and the berries
    have been large and sweet.
    Have any forum members "helped" such patches and if so, how?
    Do you throw handfulls of growmore over them or what?

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    flynch is offline Sprouter
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    Jun 2015

    Default Helping blackberries

    Wild blackberries are very hardy and shouldn't need much input. If they develop and problems some fertilizer can't hurt.

    In summer I'd prune out the growing tips on New canes to get higher yields next year. I have both a wild patch and cultivated and the increased production from that one pruning cut in July is incredible

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