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    dianen is offline Germinator
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    Nov 2006

    Default Help - apricot tree may be drowning

    I have a new allotment, and planted a fan trained apricot about 3 weeks ago against a very sunny shed wall - unfortunately I did not realise that the area around the shed is prone to flooding - and when I went back although the tree itself is not in a puddle (yet) there are puddles and soggy ground all around. There is a thriving damson I am wondering whether my aprict will survive this, or should I untie it, whip it out into a pot for the winter and think again? Any advice??

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    Hi Dianen,

    Welcome to the Vine. The easy answer as you've only just planted it would be to make a raised bed bed for it & re-plant it.

    Make it as deep as you can & fill it with good compost & spoil it as it's going to be here for a long time.
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    You coulkd also dig a soakaway nearby to help drain the area.

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