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    Default Greengage aphids!

    Noticed the other day that my Cambridge Greengage leaf canopy is covered in aphids - have never seen this before. The birds have been picking them off and I have been spraying with soapy solution (eco friendly soap) but does anyone have any suggestions of how to get rid of them and keep them away?

    Also, pruning, it has put on alot of growth and need some tips. On another note, sorry to have been away for such a long time - dropped my laptop and waiting for the insurance company to come back to me, so have been using another PC but can't use it as much as it requires sitting down.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Andrew, know what you mean about computers, my BT Broadband line died & I had to use my OH's Blackberry for a couple of days & nearly went cross-eyed trying to type on it. It must be difficult for you with your back problems etc. On the greengage subject, I haven't grown them myself but sometimes use Vitax 2 in 1 Pest control spray ,which is organic, on other fruits. I'd say try blasting them off with a hosepipe as well if you can without damaging the greengage. Good luck.
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    Hi Andrew,

    Treat it just like a plum & summer prune it. If you reduce the new growth by about half you won't be far out.
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