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    Cool Grapes in containers

    Hello everyone posting because i would like to start growing some grapes next year,im running out of space but i have two 70 litres containers,i would like to grow red and black seedless varieties for eating,can anyone give me some advice and recommend some nice sweet tasting grapes for growing in the UK climate..?
    I have been buying a lot of my fruit from "fruits of perthshire" on Amazon and found them to be exellent suppliers...anyone had fruit from there..?
    Nick :-)

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    Be prepared for the vines to crack your containers. If you keep them on hard standing, concrete or pavers, the roots will also bust through that too, working their way in at the sides. Once your vine is established, it will eventually become impossible to change a cracked container as the roots will go deep down into the ground. My Mum (or rather the local birds) do very well off a vine she has in a large container. The only thing we could do to deal with the container when it cracked was wrap a raffia-type tarpaulin around it in a bid to retain the soil.

    70 litres isn't all that big for a vine in my view, so it will crack sooner rather than later.

    I can't tell you the variety, as she's had it a long time.
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    If you sit the container on some pot feet or bricks itíll stop the vine rooting into the earth,the root might block the hole in the bottom of the container youíll notice if it gets flooded,to try & stop it happening cover the hole with a bit of tile or broken clay pot. I was looking at this link the other day,they probably know if thereís any black seedless varieties for a container? If you restrict their growth every year,it should restrict their root growth I think,I donít know if thatís true but I hope it is,my ceanothus can touch the house is that bad? Anyway donít worry about that,I found this link because it was the only supplier of a grapevine I was looking at on the rhs website. Iíve never bought any plants online yet.
    specialist vine nursery

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    I have two grapevines in large pots.One is a comparatively expensive Lakemont grafted seedless grape that I decided to speculate on after Monty Don bought his. I haven't heard how Montys has done but mine died and then came back to life at the graft. Unfortunately I am not sure whether the single shoot is from the Lakemont or the grape it was grafted onto.

    The reason mine are in pots is because I new I was moving plots and needed something transportable.

    The second vine is one I swapped with Jay-el as he wanted a red grape and I wanted a white grape. I think this is a Chardonnay variety but not sure? Neither vines have flowered or fruited so hopefully this season I may get a few grapes.

    I had a pink grape planted in a large pot outside my greenhouse and it gave me loads of grapes inside the greenhouse. The roots did escape though and I couldn't bring it with me.

    I am hoping to leave these grapes in there pots indoors for at least this year and if no grapes are forthcoming I will plant them outside the greenhouse leading into the greenhouse and see how they do then.
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