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Thread: grape vine

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    Default grape vine

    could anyone help please . i put a small grapevine in my polly tunnel in a pot we had a frost one night and it killed the new shoot will it come back again or is that the end of my grapevine any addvice would be very welcom

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    |Hello stevep, I'm no expert on this subject but I feel sure your grapevine will be fine. They grow outdoors in some very cold areas, germany and eastern europe. Good luck.

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    Hi stevep,
    I would think it will recover as the roots should be O.K. I grow mine outdoors over an arch & it springs into life every year.Is yours a specific indoor variety?I would have thought it would be O.K. in a poly tunnel anyway but perhaps if it is a very small plant with tender new growth & had been kept in a heated environment before you bought it the change in temp. may have been a shock for it.
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