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Thread: Gooseberry

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    Default Gooseberry

    Is it possible to take cuttings from gooseberrys and if so how and when?
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    Best way I've found is to bend a branch to the ground, peg it down and forget about it. Next spring, dig it out, cut it off and plant it up. It should have a nice set of roots and will grow into a bush from there. I must have given away a dozen over the years and every one has worked.

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    When you're about to prune the bush in winter/early spring: Use the cuttings of 6 to 8" and stick them in a trench a few inches appart. Push right down to leave just a few buds above ground but rub the subteraneous buds off. Most should grow well.

    You can also try some green cuttings now. Use the normal pot method and avoid over-watering.

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