Morning all,

I've just ordered a Greengage - a feathered maiden on St. Julian A rootstock.

The plan is to turn this into a fan up a nice south facing shed wall. I understand this may require a lot of pruning to keep it under control. However it looks like the trees are about 4 - 5 feet high when they arrive (in mid february) What's the best way to to start training it.

Do I snip the leader down and train the side shoots? Or just snip the branches that are heading in the wrong directions.

And when is the best time to do this - as soon as its planted, or should I let it settle first?

I know this is rather a huge subject - some early pointers would be very much appreciated.

Incidentaly - I ordered this from T and M using my 10 "GYO tip-published-in-a-magazine voucher" ....... over the internet!