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    Default Excited about patio peach/nectarine

    Popped into a garden centre i've been dying to go into for over a year (always drive past it - you know the story!) to get my Mum a flower basket arrangement for mothers day. Didn't really fancy anything they had on offer so started wandering around the plant section (always dangerous ) and they were selling patio sized peach, nectarine and plum trees! They are tiny, only 2 foot tall but very bushy - lots of fruiting spurs. I questioned the staff and found out they are grafted 8/9 year old plants so should produce plenty of fruit - there are loads of buds just about to burst into their beautiful spring blossom.

    I got a peach for my Mum and nectarine for me (couldn't resist! ), and the best bit was they were an absolute bargain - only 20 each!

    Looking forward to lovely juicy nectarines this year! Am i likely to need to hand pollinate them or should they be ok on their own?
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    I have three vine peaches in my garden - sort of a French version of a cross between an apricot and a peach, thicker skins and between size.

    No need to pollinate them at all, let nature do its thing, just wait until early August when if it's anything like last year, I'll be fed up with them - but the vine peach brandy seems to be coming on ok.
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    They sound yummy Protea - do post some pictures if you get lots of fruit. Were they a particular variety?

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