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Thread: Blueberries, to pot on or not.

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    Default Blueberries, to pot on or not.

    Blueberries, to pot on or not.-img_20190223_135613-1752x3120.jpgSo i have four blueberry plants in roughly ten litre pots.
    They gave some fruit last year, all bought last season.
    so im looking at putting them into 30 l pots, but the question is do i go up slowly or plunge them straight in to the 30s.

    Or indeed having only gone into their present pots last spring, could they go another season in these ?
    Blueberries, to pot on or not.-img_20190223_135607-1752x3120.jpg
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    I have no idea what the ‘right’ answer is, but I have moved mine up to larger pots this year and last (which is as long as I have had them). Currently in 30cm diameter. I think they arrived in 10cm pots.
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    I'm not sure either - perhaps it would be best to knock one out of its pot now and look to see whether the root-ball seems too confined or not ?
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    There’s advice here,as it’s in compost to repot every year or at least change a bit of the compost & put into the same pot again,use ericaceous compost...
    “When using soil-free media (multipurpose compost), ideally choose a peat-free one, but be aware that peat-free media might require frequent use of chelated iron to avoid chlorosis. Pot-grown blueberries in soil-less growing media often require annual repotting as the compost tires quickly, even if it means changing some of the old compost with fresh and putting the plant back into the same pot. This is because the soil-less potting media loses its structure quite quickly leading to root damage or rot.”
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