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Thread: Apple Tree

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    Steve is offline Seedling
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    May 2006

    Default Apple Tree

    Hi to all,

    I've just got a Apple Dabinett tree as a present yesterday and I was wondering if I could plant the tree out and then move it in about a years time as we are moving or could I put it in a large pot any advice would be gladly recieved

    thanks Steve

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    mazel-bee is offline Sprouter
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    Jul 2006


    My Dad runs a nursery and his apple trees are sometimes in pots for years. His also fruit well too.( they need blooming buddies to set the flowers though) I don't know your particular variety but I would leave it in the pot for a year to make life easier. Especially as you will be busy when you move.
    Others will probably be more knowledgeable and helpful for you too.
    I am learning as I go along.
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    Steve is offline Seedling
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    May 2006


    thanks mazel I potted it up today

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