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    Default Apple Pollination

    Hi all,

    I have just planted an Irish Peach apple tree on recommendation of the nursery. I didnt buy a pollination partner, because one of my neighbours has three apple trees (unsure what) and also along the road (within quarter of a mile) there are a few crab apples/other indeterminate apple trees and a bramley.

    Having read up on this tree, I am have some doubts, wondering what any of you think?

    Thank you

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    I would expect that there are enough pollinators nearby, although Bramley should not be relied upon as a pollinator for any apple tree. If the Bramley is getting pollinated, then there's a nearby source of pollen that will benefit your tree - there are a large number of potential pollinators for Irish Peach.

    Bear in mind that quite a lot of young, newly-planted trees may not set fruit, or may drop developing fruit. It can take a few years for them to finally carry a half-decent crop to maturity - yet another reason why not to try to make a young tree fruit too much because the fruit will only get dropped and be a waste of the trees energy.

    Irish Peach is a vigorous, tip-bearing tree. During the first few years, the winter pruning (essential to make a well-shaped, good-cropping tree) will remove a large amount of your blossom buds. After a couple of seasons, once the tree is growing well, you should be able to switch to summer pruning (July), which will contain it's vigorous nature and increase fruit bud formation for subsequent seasons.

    After a being allowd to "settle in" for a couple of years, if it is blossoming heavily but still not setting fruit, then consider a pollinator, or graft a single branch or twig with a suitable pollinator (a bit like a family tree). There are many apple trees or crab apples that would be suitable.
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    Thank you FB, that puts my mind at rest for the moment. As you say it needs a few years to settle down anyway.

    BTW the bramley had a whopping harvest this year,( I can verify the apples were sumptuous )

    Thanks again

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