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Thread: Anyone tried bush cherry Athos?

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    Default Anyone tried bush cherry Athos?

    Just seen an ad for a fruiting cherry called Athos, supposedly grows only 6 foot tall with super-sweet fruit.

    Would make picking and netting (so I get some fruit, not just the birds getting it all) much easier than a tall cherry.

    Too good to be true?

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    I did a search or two, found a pdf for name/variety approval which names the applicant as the university of Saskatchewan. Their previous bush cherries (carmine jewel, Juliet, crimson passion) have a good reputation across the atlantic, but weren't available in Europe until now (lubera have just started stocking them, but at 35 each I'm holding off). Supposedly very productive, self fertile, hardy and good tasting. I've wanted to get hold of a few for a while.

    I have a carmine jewel I bought of eBay, presumably from a cutting. It's been in the ground 2.5 years but is still tiny, had a few flowers last year but no fruit.

    Athos, Porthos and dartagnan are the three new varieties, I might be tempted to try them at 15 each, even if they are from yougarden. I figure something that is happy in Canada ought to enjoy our north eastern climate...
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