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Thread: Forgot to prune grapvine!

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    I would prune now...I've a huge grapevine and wouldnt hesitate to cut in February even though I usually do mine in the christmas hols I have occasionally pruned in Feb.
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    If i did prune now and dipped the cuts in hot candle wax would that take away any risk of bleed?

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    Thelma Sanders is offline Gardening Guru
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    Mine is in the greenhouse and some buds are beginning to break, so I wouldn't chance pruning mine now. I'd leave it until it's in full leaf and prune off any new growth that you know you don't want and train it to the shape you want.
    Although they bleed in Spring when the sap is rising/buds are breaking - they don't once they are in full leaf.
    You can do more pruning next winter, if you need to.
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    Feb 2015


    It would bleed straight after cutting if itís going to,it drips like a tap continuously,I donít know if candle wax would drip off with the water or eventually seal it,I just left it when it happened to me,nothing bad happened Iíd remember but I donít know if Iíd cut it now because what Thelma said & itís not my vine. They get a bit of dieback after the pruning cut,leave about an inch or a little bit more in front of the bud to allow for it or the bud would be in the dieback area.
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    Hi Jane,

    Contrary to popular belief, grapevines are as tough as old boots. Cut it back to three buds, select the strongest shoot and cut back the other two after the risk of frost. Even if a vine is bleeding it will not do the plant any permanent harm. A bleeding vine can be an advantage if there is a heavy Beast from the East because the pressure in the rod is relieved. When you are ready plant it in position. Try to disturb the roots as little as possible to prevent growth being checked. I have sixty vines and will probably be pruning within the next two weeks.

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