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Thread: Your favorite Summer raspberry variety ?

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    As per previous threads, I have a 'mystery' raspberry which I got from a friend who got it from his dad who probably bought plants in the 1960s or 70s for his garden in NE London.

    It is more useful for its summer fruit than its autumn fruit. The former is extremely early and starts at a time when little is available. The latter starts ripening only in August so there's almost a month with no raspberries.

    By November, i.e. now, the fruit ripening on the plant is in a sorry state due to the weather. Anyway one has better fruit to eat, like fresh apples and pears. But under protection it would probably give fresh fruit until December.

    Neither Autumn Bliss nor Joan J, planted nearby, perform as well.

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    Have planted Glenn Fyne & Glen Ample and find that I probably do have enough room for some Autumn fruiting types so will prepare the ground, Joan J seems to be favorite at time of writing, maybe get 10 plants in and hopefully a few around September. The Glenn Fyne & Glenn Ample will not fruit until July(ish) in 2020 which is along time for someone my age

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    Am still getting rasps from my sugana plants. Can’t believe that in December.

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    Dug up all my raspberries this year. They must be 10+ years old so was time to replace them. Planted 10 new canes. 3 Glen Prosen, 3 Glen Ample and a Black Jewell. Plus 3 autumn fruiting Polka so I still get some this year.
    Are y'oroight booy?

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