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    Maybe if you collect the sap and heat it to make it thicker and therefore more concentracted, you may be able to seal the wound with the paste??? Goodness me...perhaps you should write up all these ideas and see which don't work and then write a paper on it!!!!???!! Maybe you would be better leaving nature to sort itself out???

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    Default Grape sap

    Didn't think about the problem of infection with ice and bags and to be honest I reckon the ice would only stay frozen for about 1 hour in our greenhouse anyway. Thanks Peter and Jax.

    It was weird, when the vine first got damaged and started to bleed the sap really smelt of old vinegary sour wine, but now its pushed some of the old sap through it's completely clear and smell free. We are saving the sap incase we find a use for it - we didn't collect the first weeks worth of bleed as it smelt so strong but we started to collect it on Sunday and we already have about 300ml! Not sure about boiling the sap down to spread on the cut though as its very very thin - just like water. Plus I don't think the vines sap forms an external seal to stop the bleed. Another part we damaged right at the end of a twig bled for a week and then the whole twig shrivelled and dried to a crisp. Think this may happen with our damaged branch but we have about 5 thickish ones coming from the main trunk anyway.

    I'm going to air on the side of caution and go with Peter's sugestion of leaving mother nature to do what she does best. I've only had the plot for 6 months and I'm too timid to test out surgery on such an impresive vine - I'm not qualified. I'll only wine if I kill it - geddit
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