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Thread: walnut

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    Default Attractive tree

    Having inherited a beautiful old walnut tree in my garden, we rarely get much of a crop. Handful of delicious nuts around 2/3 size what we would find in shops. The rest that fall seem not to develop a bit worth eating. Canít tell if this is just because itís too far north here or because of the squirrels or both.

    Despite this, I would be very sad if something happened to the tree because it forms a beautiful tree.

    I recognise it might not be what youíre aiming for, but worst case scenario, hopefully youíll have a beautiful new tree in the garden if. I thing else.

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    From what I have read single self pollinating walnuts can suffer from pollination issues some years, also late frosts harm early leafing varieties trees.
    Also read walnuts can be dangerous for dogs, as mine will all being well when get older have branches near a path wondered if anyone has come across this ?
    Looked on dogs trust and seems they are poisoned by most things

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