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    Quote Originally Posted by mellonmellow View Post
    Have you tried tasting what they're like?
    Not a chance I know they will be very sour!
    Happy Gardening,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellonmellow View Post
    Have you tried tasting what they're like?
    Very hard and very sour I would think. I suppose you could cut them up and stew them down, but I can't think what you would use them for. Maybe adding pectin to jam ingredients?

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    Like you suggest rustylady, stewing them up to make mint/rosemary/parsley jelly. I should imagine they will be extremely high in pectin.

    I must admit, the June drop apples we have are extremely small, but nothing ventured, etc.

    mellonmellow, I think what we have on the ground would not be edible. I think they would be so sour, that they would do what my great aunt Polly used to say, 'drag your arse to your elbow.'

    Didn't mean to be offensive with great aunt Polly's saying, and going a bit off thread, have any of you got similar old family expressions/sayings?


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    mellonmellow is offline Seedling
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    Just asking because I had horseapples fall off a tree in my backyard and I tried them (the same day of touching the ground). They were sour but edible and refreshing. But maybe that's just me because I love pleasuring my tastebuds with something sour.
    "I got a business card, 'cause I want to win some lunches. That's what my business card says: "Mitch Hedberg, potential lunch winner."
    Gift ideas... fruit baskets or gardening kit?

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    Thanks for your replies, folks.
    'June drop' it is then, at least it doesn't seem to be anything serious! I still have 20 or so fruits to look forward to anyway.
    By the way, I did eat a couple of the fallen ones and yes, they were a bit rough!

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