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Thread: "Helpful" neighbours

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    I'm feeling a bit narky today, but I would be letting them know that I'd contacted the police, and I'd probably say I had a Treecam installed (after buying it on fleabay) so that I could catch the culprits red handed, and really get them! But as I said, I'm a bit narky today, so you might want to tone it down a little :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Rhodes View Post
    You need to make a police report! If you don't and it WAS your neighbours, they may do it again.
    Personally I'd be more worried if it was somebody other than the neighbours. The OP has spoken to his neighbours, if it was them (of which there is no proof anyway, just a gut feeling) then they have been made aware that it was a problem which would reduce the chances of them doing it again but if it wasn't them then it could be a more random type of vandalism that could happen to anybody else too and to date there has been no come back on the perpetrator.

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