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    I got my raspberries from RR Walpole. While their prices are announced per 1000 canes, they also deliver smaller quantities at a very very competitive price, and they have a very large range of varieties available.

    I have 4 autumn (Pokusa, Joan J, Himbotop, Autumn Bliss) and 4 summer varieties (Octavia, Tulameen, Glenn Doll, Glen Magna), grown in a hegde, every variety about 3 meter long.
    The wet summer seriously impacted my summer crop, but the autumn raspberries gave 200-500gr of raspberries every single day for over two months, with the hedges only established for 50%. I guess I will get about 1 kg a day for over two months within a year or two.
    From the autumn raspberries, I would choose Himbotop and Joan J without any doubt, tasty berries and immensely productive. Pokusa is a no-go, poor taste. If this is confirmed next year (for the 3rd year in a row), I will take it out

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    Surrey, England. Heavy clay (mud!)


    Reading this thread with interest. My mum was helping us weeding our new veg plots last sept and she accidentally cut down the raspberries. Would I see new shoots by now if they were going to revive??

    I've bought three canes from Wilkes and there I no instructions that I can find. Where do they prefer to live??

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    I have limited space so have only had autumn fruiting canes. A couple of Autumn bliss planted last year and just planted two All Gold ones today.

    When I have more use of my garden I will be planting some summer ones.
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