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    Exciting times Duncan !

    I also think that its a bit early yet to be having bare rooted trees. I've got 55 various cider apples on order but don't anticipate having them delivered until after Christmas.

    I'm buying from this company for the first time. Apple Trees, Fruit Trees For Sale, Apple Tree Fruit Tree
    For orders over 25 the price works out at 7.00 per tree.

    I'm trying to remember which trees I've actually ordered, its a while ago since the order was placed. I've got Somerset Redstreak x 10and Browns Apple x 10 as the bulk of my order but also have the following varieties down:-
    Fillabarrel x1
    Hangy Downy x1
    Fox whelpx 1
    Sops in Wine x1
    Slack ma Girdle x1
    Tom Putt x 10
    Major x 10
    Brown Snout. x 10

    All names to conjour with, only time will tell if they are any good.

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    Jun 2011


    Wow that's fantastic value at 7 a tree! (assuming they are all healthy). I am very envious!

    I just received my two rubinettes and pitmaston pineapples today. I've heeled them in pending the finishing of the area this weekend and trellis installation then I'll plant them up and prune later in the winter to train along wires.

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