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Thread: Moving rhubarb

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    If I remember correctly lass, rhubarb comes from a central continental climate - China or somewhere - it will be used to much hotter summers than we generally are used to in the UK. (The clue there is that it is so hardy - it is adapted to both extremes of temperature, because there are larger swings in seasonal climate as you go further from the sea.)
    But you absolutely must, really must, keep the roots cool enough, and moist enough. That would be easy enough in a polytunnel I would think, especially as the leaves will shade the root area, and the soil will be much cooler than the air.
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    I moved 3 rhubarb crowns last weekend to no avail as yet. Move as big a rootball of soil as poss. I suppose you've got to weigh up what is more important, the rhubarb or the poly.
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