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    running_muttley is offline Seedling
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    Apr 2006


    I've often thought about mulching with grass cuttings but was worried that it would leech the nitrogen from the soil. Do you reckon I should go for it?
    An té nach gcuireann san earrach
    ní bhaineann sé san fhómhar.

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    Warrington, Cheshire


    I too inherited some overgrown raspberry canes of unknown variety. It's a long row and was in a right state. I thinned it out quite a bit and am gradually reducing the weeds around the base. Last year the fruits were excellent but this year they have been smaller and not as sweet along much of the row but I have noticed tonight that the canes at one end are much bigger so I need to work out what I've done better at that end of if it's just the light or something

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    Jul 2013


    I have had autumn fruiting rasperrys in containers for about 15 years that have been ok. I have pulled out the roots and planted them in garden soil, fed with wood ash so I will wait and see.

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    Brack is offline Seedling
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    May 2017


    New rasp plants are only a couple of quid apiece and will fruit in a year (a little). I'd be ripping half out and replacing. I have a row of Joan j and a row of glen ample. Both thornless and plenty of berries. The berries off Joan j are huge. Taste wise they're both great.

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