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Thread: 40% off all plants at the Range

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    Default 40% off all plants at the Range

    I have had to leave self Isolation today. to pick up supplies for the family, on my rounds I went the Range and they had notices saying 40% of all plants, I got the feeling that they are selling plants that may be deemed non essential and they are trying to get rid of stock before it happens (B&Q no longer sell plant or compost instore or online so others may follow), goosberries were £1.80 (reduced from £3.00), raspberries, blueberries, Black currents were £2.10 (reduced from £3.50) Not all Range shops water their plants properly check them before buying. all the ones I bought were healthy with new growth

    I had tried ordering bushes online from my usual suppliers recently only to find they were sold out or no orders could be accepted.

    all plant were reduced so I'm sure there are some bargains to be had.

    I'm guessing this offer will be across all Range stores but can't guarantee it.

    please take care, self isolation is important so be sensible taking up this offer.

    stay well, try not to get stir crazy and we will live to see another day.

    dear moderators, please move this post if I have posted in the wrong area, I think this is my First post in six years and the first season in the same time my health has allowed me back out in the garden so I'm a tad rusty at posting
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    Welcome back Enrich.
    Take care of yourself.
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