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    Got my first batch of strawberries from runners off my godmother - not too sure on variety but think they could be old fashioned Cambridge Favourite. These did well for a number of years (the original plants and then runners from them in subsequent years as explained above). As I haven't got much space I grown them in a large plastic planter with room for about 12 or 16 round the outside and another 3 in the top, replacing a third of them every year. Not a huge crop but not at all bad. It looks pretty good when they're all in leaf and as the strawberries are off the ground they're not so attractive to slugs etc and are easier to pick / cut back etc. The pot is big enough for watering to be OK and so long as I give them a decent feed they've been fine. Unfortuately a couple of years ago they got wiped out by an attack of the dreaded vine weevil. Had to get rid of all the compost and what was left of the plants. Santitised the planter and started again with another set of runners from the same source. Seem to have been lucky so far (grab wildly at some wood!) and no repeat of the same problem.

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    I grow strawberries in hanging baskets as Geordie suggests & do add water-retaining granules so that they don't dry out but there can still be a problem with the baskets overheating. This summer with the blazing sun the strawberries produced a lot of runners at the expense of fruit even though i tried to keep on top of the watering & I have read that this could be due to the excessive heat. I still got some lovely fruit off them though but I don't know what variety they were as I got them as tiny runners just labelled 'strawberry'.Of the ones grown in pots I have another unknown variety which does well in a pot & still has strawberries on it now in late November & one called 'Maxim' which has only ever produced a couple of fruits at a time but is possibly not suited to a pot as it's supposed to be a giant fruit.In the ground I grow another unknown variety which fruits very well & a mini fruited 'Wimbledon' which is very pretty & sweet fruited but really too tiny, you need several fruits for a mouthful!I grow these in my raised veg. bed with no special treatment other than the odd feed with tomato or seaweed feed & mulch with coffee grounds or garden compost.
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    My neighbour has(had)one in a half basket that had a pink flower, that looked good
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