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    Default 2 fruit questions , to save space.

    question 1 , can I keep trimming the long leggy stems that grow from my blueberry bushes . Will it make more fruiting side shoots for next year.
    Question 2 , should I feed my raspberries with tomato food to get a bigger harvest .

    It has two chances , up or down.

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    I prune my blueberries in July if any young, green stems are getting too vigorous. Other stems (older stems) get pruned in winter, if necessary. I do the same with my other fruits trees and hazels.
    I don't snip at them all year round; just a trim of excessively vigorous new shoots in July, or a trim in Nov-Feb.
    As it happens, the July Pruning usually means that winter my pruning requirement is minimal, since badly positioned new stems were removed in the summer that they grew.

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