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    LindaS is offline Germinator
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    Jun 2006


    Immense enjoyment, my Mother can't believe it, am turning into a 'right little gardener' apparently lol!

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    Jaxom's Avatar
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    Cardiff South Wales


    Gariguette are the best I have tasted. I had my first Gariguette strawberry today from the plants I bought from Ken Muir this spring. I will be keeping all the runners they throw off and planting them up for future years. The taste can only be disscribed as being heavenly. They were not cheep but they sure are good!
    This is what Ken Muir has to say about Gariguette strawberries.
    "it dates back to the 1930s and is considered to be the French equivalent to Royal Sovereign on account of its pleasing fragrance and sugar-sweet flavour. The elongated fruits are a brilliant vermilion-red. The flesh is delicate, soft and particularly juicy ... totally mouthwatering and with sugar and cream added it is at its most delectable. Gariguette is grown commercially in Provence and brightens up the local market stalls during the early summer.The fruits are not firm enough for the U.K. supermarkets but they are sold fresh in punnets at Harrods, Knightsbridge, when in season. Flavour: Excellent. "

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    LindaS is offline Germinator
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    Jun 2006


    Thanks Jaxom, at the moment am not having much luck getting anything, too late i fear, never mind always next year!

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