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Thread: Black currant

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    MissPea is offline Sprouter
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    I want it to grow as much fruit as possible �� so whichever would do that, I only got a small handful and I was thinking like a normal one these might need cut right back? But genuinely wasn’t sure as not much growth has happened since I bought it a year ago.

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    I know what I would do with it! You may nit like the idea

    Cut it to ground and let some new shoots grow up and then treat as a Bush.
    No one grows blackcurrants like that do they?
    Would love to know if they do and if they get fruit....
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    Mark_Riga is online now Rooter
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    I would probably take 3 9inch cuttings from the top of the 'bush' to propagate new plants from. Then replace it with the best one that grows in a couple of years time, but only if the black currants you got this year were good to eat. You should still get a crop but it may not be much different to what you got this year. You could give it a mulch with home grown compost if you have some or some organic feed like blood and bone or whatever is your favourite.
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    ameno is online now Rooter
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    Mar 2019


    Personally, I'd cut the whole thing right back to the ground this winter, then give it a good feed in the spring.
    It won't fruit next year, but it should grow lots of new stems, which will fruit the year after.
    While you're at it, cut the prunings into 12 inch lengths push them to two-thirds into the ground somewhere. They should root.
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    ansiogrocery is offline Banned
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    Sep 2019

    Default blackcurrant

    They fruit best on younger wood, so when pruning aim to remove older wood, leaving the younger branches. Up to and including the fourth year after planting, remove weak, wispy shoots, retaining a basic structure of 6 to 10 healthy shoots.

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    muck lover is offline Tuber
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    Feb 2018


    I’m in agreement with the folks here. Never heard of a tree shape for black currant. Cut it back and grow as a Bush. It’s had this year to concentrate on root growth. Give it a tasty mulch as blackcurrants love fertility and manure. It will be great.

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