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Thread: Homemade Wall O Water

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    Default Homemade Wall O Water

    Thanks to all the people in internet land with the original idea on this -

    I’ve been looking at a lot of tomato stuff the last few months and I thought this might be a good idea for people who grow their toms outside to have a go at an earlier crop.. It’s a homemade “wall o water” made from 2 lt or 3 lt plastic bottles and would appear to give some level of cold and frost protection.

    The actual “wall o water” is popular in North America to transplant young plants outside 6 – 8 weeks earlier. To get info on what they are and how they work do an internet search, there’s quite a lot out of info and pictures out there. I’ve seen photos from people who’ve used the specially manufactured wall o water over tomato plants during snowfall and they reckon the plants lived through it without a growth check.

    You’ll need 7 or 8 clear bottles the same size for each transplant.

    To make the wall or donut place a bottle in the middle and surround it with enough bottles so you encircle the middle bottle completely and tape around the outside with strong clear tape if you have it, parcel or duct tape if you haven’t.

    Remove the center bottle and the hole in the middle is your growing space.

    Position the device where you plan to transplant and fill the bottles with water perhaps a week in advance to help warm the soil. It may well be easier and more effective to use a bit of glass or plastic to dry and warm the soil and place the device after transplanting.

    The general idea is that the water in the bottles is warmed by the sun during the day and releases this heat overnight. The bottles allow light through to the plant in the same way a recycled greenhouse made of them would. If things are predicted to be on the frosty side or very cold some sort of improvised top cover gives extra protection. With the actual wall o water you initially only half fill the tubes and the empty tops collapse inwards at the top of the forming a roof above the plant. As the plant grows I guess you fill the tubes bit by bit to raise the roof.

    I also came across a suggestion that once things begin to warm up you harden off the plant inside by removing a bottle during the day to begin with, and then every few days remove another bottle to gradually harden off the plant, as the nights get less cold bottles can be left out at night too. In letting the plant get used to more and more of the outside elements, common sense needs to prevail in the choice of which bottles to remove first.

    Of course this idea could also be used inside a cold greenhouse to protect earlier planted peppers and toms that were getting a bit on the large side to be indoors – early tom and pepper thread people perhaps?
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    Interesting, are you going to give it a go?

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    Got any pics KC?
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    My biggest toms are only an inch tall at the mo and spending the days in a lidl tent greenhouse and their nights on a window sill.

    It's generally very mild here and the plan at the moment is to plant the first batch of my toms straight in to a cold greenhouse at the beginning of April. If we do get threatened with some cold nights of less than 5ºC, I'll probably keep the whole greenhouse on the warmer side of that with some kind of heater - I just haven't thought that far ahead and hopefully won't have to use heat.

    This wall o water idea does really look good for those growing toms outside, as I know not everyone has access to a greenhouse or tunnel on here.

    For next year I'll look at starting a bit earlier and using this idea to start growing on a bit earlier in a polytunnel - I'm thinking that an early March planting might be a possibility for me using these devices without heating.
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    This sounds a good idea, will definately give it a try on a couple of tomato plants, luckily I drink alot of Pepsi Max!

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    Default Wall O' Water Idea for tender plants

    Wall O' Water; Tomatoes and Aubergines maybe...

    Not my idea, company in USA.

    Its a circular clear bag with tube sections that you fill with water and makes it self supporting. The water then acts as thermal buffer for varying temps.

    Type "Wall O water" into search engine.

    Looks inspired to me, they are calling them "Season extenders"

    Currently no UK supplier....nudge nudge
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    I saw them a little while ago, was not sure about the idea really as you need to be able to keep an eye on them and top them up all the time

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    There’s an old thread here & explains how you can use plastic bottles in a DIY way,it’s good using the resources we have rather than buying in more plastic products we don’t need,I don’t know if I’d use one of these,this thread also mentions warming soil with glass or plastic which is what a lot of people do & seedlings like it
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