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    jands is offline Seedling
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    Apr 2009

    Default Composter Advice

    OK, Its about time i started to produce my own compost. Our council are due to change over to wheelie bins so my 3 black plastic bins will be spare.

    I was thinking of using the old bins one or more as a composter. I have no bare soil to put the composter on so it would just be sat on flags at the bottom of the garden with the spiders and snails!!

    Any comments advice - should I put a layer of soil in the bottom to get things going?

    The bins are normal house hold type - black plastic bins.


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    Maximillian is offline Sprouter
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    Jun 2008
    Putney south west london


    i think you need to have an open base on soil so that the worms can get in and do their work to break down your peelings etc.

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    Sep 2008


    I used a black plastic bin before. i drilled holes in the bottom and partway up the sides.
    I did get some lovely juice out of it [ the stuff that dribbles out] to use for liquid feed, but the compost itself didn't break down brilliantly, not enough oxygen in it, so it tended towards the sticky black slimy mess with loads of fruit flies hovering over it all the time.
    If you do use yours as compost bins, consider cuting the bottoms off, upending them and placing them on soil - crap, just realised you said no soil <---edited bit.
    And put enough cardboard/brown stuff in to counteract the greens.
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    hmk is offline Seedling
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    Apr 2009


    I've been lurking for a while and thought I'd better join in!

    I think you'd be better off converting them into a wormery. Without soil to stand it on you won't make a successful compost heap, it'll just go slimy and mouldy. You can get tiger/brandling worms from a fishing shop or accquire some from an existing compost heap. There are loads of instructions on the net-

    Make your own wormery - Articles - Family - Greener Living -

    I seem to remember the WigglyWigglers site has lots of info even if you don't buy their products, and the book Worms eat my Garbage is pretty comprehensive (including how to build a wormery for your dining room...)

    The worms won't work their way through piles of garden waste, but they eat most kitchen waste- crush egg shells and avoid too much citrus or onion peel in one go.

    HTH and good luck,


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    JimmerG is offline Sprouter
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    Dec 2008



    I'm pretty sure you can make compost even though you don't have access to earth. Compostumblers are popular - and they don't even touch the ground!

    So as Taff said - cut the bottoms off and up end them (keep the bit you cut off for a lid)- maybe drill a load 1inch holes all over the sides aswell to help air circulate to avoid the black slime. So long as you get a fork in there once a month and give it good turning over it'll be fine. If you can stick a layer of soil or manure down first - this will definately help the process.

    Last edited by JimmerG; 23-04-2009 at 08:14 AM.

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    Apr 2008


    You don't need worms to make compost, although they help. The bacteria are the key to the rotting process. It's best if you encourage the aerobic bacteria, so introducing air and turning the pile is desired.

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    Dec 2005


    Most Bins are too small (@ 80l) to make compost. Most Composters are 220 or 330lt. You need this size to generate the heat.

    When we went over to wheelie bins, I kindly collected a lot of the excess bins down our street. I use them to store Manure, Council Compost, Coffee grounds. And to store Compost that I have made in the big bins,.
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    jands is offline Seedling
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    Apr 2009

    Default Went Mad - Change of plan

    Just purchased this
    only 19.99 from lild comes with a base with holes in!! so must be ok to place on flags, well will give it ago and then move it to the allotment once I get one.

    Any advice on how I should start the whole composting lark off now I have a propa composter!!

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