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Thread: Blood, fish and bone

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4Shoes View Post
    So the fur must be the Nitrogen (Blood). Must assume organic is being used in the chemistry sense there.

    To be honest, I was trying to square the circle with difference between Bone Meal and Fish Bone Blood. 12% Active ingredient to 15% in FBB.
    Looking at standard 1.5kg packets @ 3.99
    Bone Meal NPK 3 9 0 12% Active ingredient
    Fish Bone Blood. NPK 3 9 3 15% Active ingredient

    Sulphate of Ammonia NPK 21 0 0
    Sulphate of Potash NPK 0 0 48
    Superphosphate NPK 0 17.5 0

    So mixed 3 last - 1 pkt each would give NPK 7 6 16 - 29% Active ingredients

    at 1 box to 2.4m x 10m (10 boxes for my 10 x 20m area ish) - it then starts to make sense to mix / customising the fertilizer for specific treatments, with fast acting Sulphate of Ammonia for leaf growth through to potash for fruit development.

    Technically speaking - Targeted treatment should give saving of 50%+ should easily be possible. But then I found a supplier for a big bag of FBB so needs more work

    ** Addition
    May have jumped the gun. The 3 individual components may not be organic. I was on the thread they were all packaged similar where listed, so was an easy leap.
    Aaaand breathe!
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    Breath ...

    Ok... Ok.. was in the Zone

    From a technical background, so looked at options, and tried increase

    This veg "allotment" size patch lark - even if not in a traditional allotment environment - should cost me pennies.

    Ok I jest. 1st year here. No experience, No compost (slime), No comfort (Comfrey), No muck.... Just trying to workout most economical way (with minimal Chemicals) to get patch up and running. Don't need round up... Her that must be obeyed (objects) so labour of love must see me through until chickens arrive...
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    Blood fish & bone is a good choice,but the smell of the bonemeal can attract foxes,on an allotment you could dig some in early spring then leave it for a few weeks before planting. I'm in a garden with no fox & I plant things then sprinkle the BFB around after & cover it over with soil so my cat doesn't stand on it but imagine if there was a fox,it would try finding the thing that smells trashing all the plants that would be devastating so I hope that doesn't happen to anyone.

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