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New gardener!!

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by , 06-05-2009 at 02:17 PM (728 Views)
Hi to all you fellow gardeners, am new to this gardening lark and have to say am completely hooked!! Am obsessively checking my seeds for any sign of growth but no luck as of yet. In all honesty I only planted them at the weekend, so maybe i am a bit eager?!! Have discovered greenfly on my chili which i bought at the weekend But my tomatoes seem to be doing ok, as does one of my pepper plants, the other looks small and insignificant.
Anyway will be back soon with any developments x


  1. Meschuee's Avatar
    Hello. It's fun, isn't it and very easy to get "hooked". I'm always impatient for things to germinate but they usually take 10 days or a fortnight here in the South West and you're probably cooler up there. Good luck anyway. It's very exciting to see little shoots appearing - I'm tickled at the way my runner beans have leaves after appearing only two days ago.

    Look forward to hearing about your garden adventure.