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  1. Chopping plants and parking fees

    by , 25-10-2007 at 09:37 PM
    Okaaaaaaay so I started on the front garden today. Hacked the secature-able stems off the first misc plant and now just need to saw the base off. The ribes [sp] plant... well that's another story, what a pain in the *rse! loads of short gnarled braches. I hacked at that for ages and am only 1/4 the way through!

    Anyway a trip to l'opital today (routine baby check) I spent 4 in the car park for just 30 mins - what's all that about???
  2. First Post.. Argh...??

    by , 24-10-2007 at 11:16 PM
    Hi anyone who reade this . My first ever Blog entry, hope I don't b*gger it up

    Hoping to get to the lottie this weekend to spread horse poo around (yuuuuuummmmmm), and I *plan* to cut donw two bushes from the front garden on Friday. But, having a new bubs in the house means neither may actually happen

    I'll try and get some piccies of the lottie if I get there Saturday, it'll be good to have a place to have as a running commentary of it.