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sewer rat

Cool June

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by , 13-06-2009 at 07:09 PM (2272 Views)
Today I decided to take stock of the current contents (plant wise) of my polytunnel, so in no particular order I have the following;
Planted in the tunnel
1 bucket of Scallions
1 pot of French Tarragon
200 x Lettuce Charita
55 x Silver Chard
19 x Chilli Cayenne
11 x Tomato San Marzano
11 x Tomato Golden Sunrise
12 x Tomato Roma
12 x Tomato Gardeners Delight
28 x Aubergine (can't remember variety atm)
33 x Perpetual Spinachg
36 x Cabbage Hispi
50 x Cucumber
56 Hanging Baskets of Strawberries

Baby plants

13 x 54 cell Savoy Cabbage Primavoy
28 x 54 cell Winter Cabbage Tundra
4 x 54 cell Spring Onion Ishiwotsit
9 x 54 cell Early PSB
4 X 54 cell Kohl Rabi Superschmelz
2 x 54 cell Kohl Rabi Quickstar
5 x 54 cell Kale Winterbor
7 x 54 cell Kale Black Tuscan
2 x 54 cell Chinese Cabbage The Blues
16 x 54 cell Beetroot Cylindra
1 x 54 cell Lettuce Charita
642 Dwarf French Bean Kinghorn Wax
2 boxes Rocket Skyrocket (CCA)
3 boxes Mixed Salad Leaves (CCA)
Approx 80 Blackcurrant cuttings.


  1. Jelliebabe's Avatar
    Cripes! Do you run a garden centre?