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sewer rat

Is this really Spring ?

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by , 04-04-2009 at 06:10 PM (2890 Views)
It's been a while since I posted but now that things are beginning to move I thought I'd update my blog.
Since last blod update, I have taken over the running of two walled gardens - one in pristine condition and the other we will call a long term project. The addition of these two sites means that I will hopefully be able to not only increase the veg I grow but also that I will be able to grow slightly more tender crops.
Anyway, to date I have sown approx 1000 Cabbage Primo, 500 Cabbage Hispi, 1000 Cauliflower Snowball, 500 Sprouts Diablo, 250 Sprouts Maximus, 100 Chard, 250 Florence Fennel, 250 Cabbage Red Drumhead, 250 Calabrese Ironman, 500 Calabrese Marathon, 300 Lettuce Charita, 150 cells of Spring Onion Ishikuri and 100 Perpetual Spinach, as well as a raised bed of CCA Salad mix, 50 Aubergine can't remember variety at the moment), 50 Globe Artichoke Green Globe, 50 Cayenne Chillies, 20 San Marzano tomatoes, 20 Golden Sunrise Tomatoes, 20 Gardeners Delight Tomatoes, 30 Tumbling Tom Yellows and the same number of Tumbling Tom Reds. I also have two fish boxes of both celery and celeriac that will need pricking out soon.
My 150kg seed potatoes have arrived - this year I am growing Foremost, Charlotte and Duke of York - with the possibility of adding 25kg Rooster to that list - and possibly another 25kg of Charlotte.
I have an asparagus bed to lay down too.
New veggies (for me that is) that I am growing this year include the asparagus, globe artichokes, Kohl Rabi and the aubergines.
I just wish the weather would improve !!


  1. miffy's Avatar
    I feel slightly inadequate after reading the quantities you are planting out, makes my meagre seedlings seem a mere drop in the ocean to yours!! Hope all goes well with them, you are going to be busy this spring and summer.
  2. bramble's Avatar
    I have so much admiration for you and all the work you do.
    My dad did much the same as you and i know how hard the work is.
    He worked tirelessly up until he died then years ago.
    I wish you the best of luck for you surely deserve it.
    As kids myself and my sister used to go to the walled garden with my dad and were treated to fruits we would never have afforded to buy in those days.
    Such happy memories and i'm sure your tw9o daughters will feel the same when they grow up.