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sewer rat

Freakin windy !

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by , 12-11-2008 at 10:10 PM (4913 Views)
I swear I thought my polytunnel was gonna vanish on Tuesday but it held, although the end frame that seemed to take the full force of the wind does seem to be leaning in a bit as opposed to being vertical.
I have started to clear my courgette patch up and the 250 tyres I used to grow them in are now forming a windbreak down one length of tunnel.
I'm hoping to "accquire some 30 railway sleepers over this winter and the idea is to use them to form raised beds/walkways in the tunnel raeady for next season.
I have about 60 lettuce ready to pick in the tunnel at the moment - so they'll be going into my boxes this week, with the remainder being taken to this weekends Farmers Market.
I have planted out another lot of pak choi and have 54 lettuce and 54 raddichio ready to plant out, with another 108 lettuce at the 4 leaf stage.
Also in the tunnel I have some leeks, spring greens, parsley, chard and perpetual spinach.
Add to this the 111 blackcurrant cuttings, the gooseberry and redcurrant babies, and the hundreds of strawberry runners either rooting in water or being planted into 3" pots and the tunnel is actually still quite full.
Outside I am picking Savoy Cabbage, Winter Cabbage, Rad Cabbage, swede, Milan turnips (almost done now), red and green kale, onions, red onions, sprouts, beetroot and carrots.
I also have a small bonus - I didn't get round to clearing my broad beans and the first sowing has started to sprout from the bottom again and produce fresh beans - these are going into the box of one of my oldest customers as he loves them.
Still charging on with the preserves too.
My gardening jobs have both kicked in though one is turning out to be a bit of a pain as far as getting paid is concerned. However, I have had loads of apples, pears, strawberry runners and currant cuttings free gratis so can't complain really - all with permission of course.
Both jobs seem to consist of gathering leaves at the moment - luckily, one has a ride on leaf collector / shredder, and the other has a Stihl backpack leafblower, so this makes it easier - good job as there are massive lawns and loads of old deciduous trees at both places.
Still bouncing at the weekends too, so all in all a busy little Rat.
Til next time.........