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sewer rat

Weathers gettin' better

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by , 20-02-2008 at 06:39 PM (2184 Views)
Well, been a wee while since I last posted but the birth of Niamh has, as expected, turned everything upside down, but things are slowly returning to normal - the last of the long stay visitors departs on Friday, so I can get back to doing some good hard work at the field. I've received my seeds (bar the Fartichokes which I'm still waiting on, and the tatties which I have yet to order. I opened my onion sets (25kg Sturon, 25kg Red Baron) and my back gave a twinge - obviously hasn't forgotten planting 25kg last year. Some of the sets are diseased so I have been through them and discarded the offenders - they won't be going in the ground for about a month so don't wanna open the nets then and find a mush at the bottom!. Thursdays and Fridays are taken up with sorting out my veg boxes and doing my deliveries, so as of Saturday, I shall be going at it hammer and tongs to prepare everything. I've ordered another 30 hanging baskets as I have worked out I can fit 90 in the tunnel, and these will have strawbs in them. Ordered 3 pallets of compost today, as I am growing young veg plants for one local garden centre again this year - with the possibility of supplying the other garden centre too. My Calabrese in the tunnel will be ready to start harvesting in time for next weeks boxes, and I will have to lift all my remaining leeks and celeriac next week too as I need to get the slurry on and the ground ploughed soon. Just if you're interested, this weeks boxes will contain some or all of the following - potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, swede, kale, pumpkin, leeks, celeriac.
Later ......................


  1. Glasshousevirgin's Avatar
    Yes very interested in how it is all going!
    BTW congrats on the baby, hope wife well and coping.
    Admire all the hard labour going into the project, hope continues to grow well.
    Cheers Rob
  2. Armorel's Avatar
    Congratulations on the new baby
    90 hanging baskets????