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Sunday 27th April 2008 - what a week

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by , 27-04-2008 at 07:29 PM (2401 Views)
What a week indeed. One new granddaughter, lots of childminding, and two very hard days at the lottie. The weather has been so bad that it's really got out of hand, but I've had two days clearing and it's looking better. Still not enough room to plant everything, but what's in is looking OK. Pulled up the Sutton bored beans that I'd tried to overwinter - they were rubbish. Aquadulce looking OK, plenty of flowers but the plants are small. The only things that are really growing well are the weeds. Docks and dandelions - they're reasonably easy to get out, but the bl***y grass!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. theloon in the moon's Avatar
    hello advice needed please comfrey should i plant in a tub or not ?