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You can do it if you B&Q it...

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by , 03-01-2008 at 12:57 PM (1003 Views)
Well well well. My seeds are all sorted out in order of what month I have to plant them and yesterday on a trip to B&Q I ended up getting potato seeds for 4 different types of potato, a button mushroom kit (can't wait to see what this does) and a huge 75L bag of compost. I got the following potato seeds:

* Pentland Javelin Potatos
* Maris Peer Potatos
* Desiree Potatos
* Nicola Potatos

I've got 2 of them chitting in a big tray at the moment. I could do with buying another couple of those trays for the other 2 bags tho. The trays are going to come in really useful I can tell. :P

My step dad is going to help me build a shed from scratch as well which will be amazing as he's a dab hand at DIY and woodwork. One thing's for certain is that it will be much betterin terms of quality than the ones I've seen in garden centres and shops so far. I'm currently debating over getting a plastic or glass greenhouse as well over the next few weeks. Plastic is going to be much cheaper but is it going to be worth it in the long run? Decisions, decisions.

Some of the chili seed swaps from The Grapevine forum didn't go ahead but I did recieve some Early Jalapeno seeds. However I'm due to recieve some Yellow Scotch Bonnet from someone else instead as well as some Hot Portugal, Red Hanoi, Fresno and Purple Jalapeno seeds. It's going to be a chili pepper extravaganza.

Hopefully the little sleet/snow we had overnight will have melted so I can pop up to the allotment tomorrow or on Sunday and plant the cheapy flower bulbs I got from Wilkinsons the other week. It's a bit too late to plant them now I think but they weren't expensive so I haven't really got a lot to lose in digging over the flower patch and chucking them in the ground instead of not doing anything and letting them rot I figure.

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