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A day of much shovelling

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by , 04-11-2012 at 06:40 PM (1720 Views)
An unexpected afternoon at the allotment today.

Seeing as the manure deliveries have dried up I went to the local farm and did a bit of shovelling courtesy of the local horses and aided by a rather fabulous rooster and his gang of chicks.

Filled the car and off I went to spread the joy, however the joy doesn't spread very far so I foresee a lot of future shovelling. I must take something for the gang to peck at next time.

I also harvested this years' leaf mold which was a fab crumbly concoction with thankfully nothing living in it (unlike my mouse infested compost heap). One consolation to having the plot in the corner under the trees is the amount of leaf fall I get , all goes into my leaf mold bin for next years' supply.

The pictureAttachment 32546 attached is of some rather fab chard I spotted hep wing on my neighbours plot.