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Where's Kate Bumble when you need her?

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by , 12-07-2011 at 10:27 AM (1819 Views)
Early in spring we discovered bees nesting in the blue tit box. After much deliberation and searching on the web, it transpired that they were, in fact 'Tree Bees'. After much excitement and jumping about at the fact we had 'rare' bees in the garden, we registered them, so that the rest of the world could share in our wonder.

The veg plot was blooming, everything was getting pollinated to within an inch of its life, and we were proudly showing the bees off to all visitors to our garden, announcing in a nerdy voice "Yes, they are tree bees, you know... quite rare indeedy". It has to be said, we were in our element, and felt at one with Kate and Chris, who endorsed the tree bee website.

Imagine then, our dismay when we discovered our bees had buzzed off to pastures new last week. I sent a frantic email to the website, asking - nay - demanding some sort of explanation. To date... nothing... nada... nil return. The mystery goes on.

I expected Kate to be as worried as I, and to be straight round to help search the herbacious borders, but alas, this was not to be. We are alone, and bereft of bees, with still no idea where they went. Perhaps they upgraded to a bigger bird box - who knows?
Tags: bees, tree bees